Duncan Flower Calendar Fundraiser 2021

The Duncan Branch is selling 2021 calendars featuring the photography of Martha Burger, Duncan branch member. Each month features a beautiful picture of a flower; featured flowers include Dinner Plate Dahlia, Anthurium, Love Song Rose, Molineux Rose, and Snow on the Mountain (all grown in Oklahoma!). Each calendar is $15 (plus $3 shipping if mailed). Every calendar sold to an AAUW member, Martha returns $6 to the local Duncan branch to be
used for scholarships. For several years, the Duncan branch has donated the money to the SAGE/STEAM camp in Weatherford. If you buy 5 or more calendars, the price goes to $12 and $5 is returned to the branch. The calendar is in a plastic stand. Please contact Martha Burger for ordering information, mburger@cableone.net.

2021 Flower Calendar

Duncan Branch Fundraiser